Bostin Loyd Cycle

Bostin Loyd Cycle. At 21 years old, just after winning the npc contra costa in hayward, california, he released his full steroid cycle on his youtube channel. Bostin loyd was most popularly known to be a bodybuilder.

Bostin Loyd's CRAZIEST Cycle EVER! Amounts & Cost YouTube from

Using 0 synthol now but will add once carbs are reintroduced for added. He died at the age of 29, leaving his wife and son behind. One bodybuilder who have admitted using steroids was bostin loyd.

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Bostin loyd's cycle i think everyone here know who is bostin loyd. Early in his career, bostin loyd publicly discussed his use of steroids. Utilizing steroids for bodybuilding isn’t a secret.

The Bostin Loyd Death Cause Has Sparked Widespread Interest Throughout The World.

Let say gh he just inject 7iu per day but test is really high dose! Bostin loyd from los angeles, california, was a controversial figure in the fitness world. He became the first competitive bodybuilder to openly reveal his steroid cycle.

I Think Everyone Here Know Who Is Bostin Loyd.

Loyd was 21 years old and had just won the 2013 npc contra costa in hayward, ca. This viral video made loyd infamous in the bodybuilding community as many athletes stay quiet. Bostin loyd cycle and other supplements bostin loyd was the first bodybuilder in the united states who made public his steroid cycles on social media.

Or 200 3X A Day.

Do you think it is very high dose cycle? As a result that, he faced lots of negative remarks about the move. The bodybuilder bostin loyd suffered from kidney failure following a peptide.

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Sadly, His Death News Is Spreading All Over The Internet Recently.

Bostin loyd is know for his gear usage but this cycle takes the cake. 250 mgs dnp 2x a day. I have read his article and watch his video that he is extremely open and shares his cycle to public!

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